Sri Chinnamasta Mahavidya

Sri Matangi Mahavidya

Matangi is seventh among Dasa Mahavidya. Matangi is the consort of Matanga shiva, who is well-known as Matanga Bhairava. De facto, she is the Shakti of Matanga Shiva. She is varadāyani, the immediate bestower of wealth and Prosperity. There are lot of misconceptions about Matangi Mahavidya’s incarnation. According to Rudrayamala Tantram and Gupta Sadhana Tantram, she is Adiparashakti’s incarnation. This page dispels myths surrounding this deity while giving you accurate information about her incarnation.

When we utter words, the vak (voice) comes out after crossing 4 sounds. Out of 4, only the enlightened and who is always in the super-consciousness state shall perceive the meaning of first three. Human beings can perceive only the fourth one Vaikhari. The all three are Para, Pashyanti, Madhyama, can be understood only by Siddhagurus. Matangi is the presiding deity for Vaikhari shabdam (vak) so is regarded as Vagvilasini (the power of drawing attention of others with one’s writings). Whatever we talk about will come after crossing these four sounds.

Para means the sound is atindriya pranavam that which is beyond senses and mind experienced in Nirvikalpa Samadhi; the deity is associated with it is Tripura Bhairavi. Pashyati is the powerful astral pranavam heard after attaining mantra siddhi. Taradevi is the associated deity of this sound.

Madhyama is listened astrally (this mantra is being listened even outside) and the deity associated is Chinnamastadevi. Vaikhari is the somatic pranavam, and the associated deity is Matangi Devi. ‘Mata’ means the thought from which talks arises. The summation of these three deities comprise Matangi.

Goddess Matangi-Fantasy and Reality

  1. Is Matangi, Goddess Rajashyamala?
  2. The first corresponds to Matangi with Rajashyamala, a minister in Lalita Devi's reign. In reality, the word Shyamala is associated with Adiparashakti and there are 29, deities with the name shyamala and out of them 7 are most prominent. Rajasyamala. Asanti shyamala. Sharika Shyamala, Sukha Shyamala, Veena Shyamala, Venu Shyamala, Laghu Shyamala.

    Out of these 7, Goddess Laghu Shyamala is believed to be worshipped with vamachara tradition as she is regarded as ucchista chandalini who is also believed to be Matangi. While Dasa Mahavidya deities are all the incarnations of Adiparashakti according to Tantra Shastra. One cannot bilndly believe that she is Rajashyamala.

    Tantra Shastra Uvacha

            Shyamangim Sasi Shekarām Trinayanām 
            Vedaihi Karair Bibratim Pasham 
            Keta Madankusham Druda Masim Nashaya 
            Bhakta Dwisham Matangim Manasa Smarami ।।

    She has 3 eyes, a dark blue complexion. She holds Gada, Vedas, Pasham, ankusham in her hands. possesses the moon on her head. I contemplate whole heartedly.

    Kalidas Uvachaha

            Sarvateerthātmike Sarvamantrātmike Sarvatantrātmike 
            Sarvayantrātmike Sarvapitātmike Sarvatatvāmtike 
            Sarvashaktyātmike Sarvavidyātmike Sarvayogātmike 
            Sarvanadātmike Sarvashabdātmike Sarvaviswātmike 
            Sarvadeekshātmike Sarvasarvātmike Sarvage 
            Pahimām Pahimām  ।।

    Matangi is the source and basis for every teertham, every mantram, tāntram, yantram, peetam, all vidyas, powers, sounds, yoga, deeskaha. All in all, she is the omnipresent in all creatures and the universe. The above verse stands as an evidence that Matangi is the incarnation of Adiparashakti. In the entire universe there is only one deity other than Lord Rudra with three eyes and only a deity who is omnipresent in all species. She is Adiparashakti.

  3. Matangi appearance?
  4. The second misconception is about Matangi’s appearance that her skin depicts green in colour, face appears blackish cloud in colour. In each of her hands, she has a noose, a mace, an axe and a hook. The reality is she appears in dark blue complexion;holds cane, pasham, ankusham, and gada in each of her four hands. She also possesses the moon on her head.

    Kalidas Uvachaha

            Krittivāsapriye Sarvalokapriye
            Lakshmigrihitāngi Padmēsupadmē Umē
            Krishnēna Sampūjyasē Chaturbhujē 
            Chandrakalāvatamsē Susōmatē Kumkuma 
            Rājasomē Pundrēkshu Pāshankusha 
            Pushpabāna Haste Jagadēka Mātaha ।।

    Matangi is the beloved by Lord Shiva and the adorer of the entire universe. She is deity Uma, worshipped by Goddess Lakshmi. Lord Krishna worshipped her. Has four hands with cane, pasham, ankusham, and gada. She has moon on her head.

    Brahmayamala Tantra Uvachaha

            Shyāmāngim Shashishēkaram
            Trinayanam Ratnasimhāsana Sthitam ।।

    Adiparashakti appeared on a throne of nine gems, with a dark blue complexion and three eyes, and the moon above her forehead to Sage Matanga for being pleased by his Tapas.

  5. Is Matangi and Matangisumikhi are alike?
  6. Matangi sumikhi is believed to be an evil deity and is regarded as Ucchista chandali. Vidyaranya swami in his Vidyanrava tantra mentioned “Matangi is Matangisumikhi who eats defiled food. One should offer splitted food to her to gain virtue.” This is false narration.

    Also a story which narrates Matangi emerging from the remains of Lord Shiva’s food upon request from Lord Vishnu and Goddess Lakshmi does not bear any reasonable evidence.

    The word Ucchista means the highest. Ucchista Chandalini means the presiding and the top most deity among Matangas. There are infinite matanga kanyas surrounding Matangi and serves her. Ucchista Chandalini name is not mentioned in any of Matangi’s kavacham and ashtottaram. Rudrayamala and Guptasadhana tantra shastras gives the clear picture about Matangi Mahavidya.

    Rudrayamala and Guptasadhana Tantra Uvachaha

            Matanga Kanyakā Hṛidyaha
            Kotinamapi Kotishaha
            Bhakta Matanga 
            Kanya Samuhanvitē ।।

    There are crores of Matanga Kanyas surrounded and serving Matangi.

            Sapatni Sarasā Sāra
            Sāraswatakarī Sudhā
            Surāsamamshasanā Cha
            Samārādhyā Samastadā ।।

    Matangi enjoys humour and music and constantly stays with Shiva. She consumes non-vegetarian food and drinks wine. She possesses infinite power.

  7. Is Aim/Hreem Matangi Beejakshara Mantram?
  8. Few tantric sciences and other shastras mentioned the beejaskshara mantra of Matangi is ‘Aim’ because she was associated to the deity Rajashyamala and few mentioned ‘Hreem’, the Bhuvaneswari’s Beejakshara mantram.

    Siddhaguru Sri Ramanananda Maharshi® during meditation listened to a voice that sounded ‘OM.’ He examined the shastras which mentioned Matangi’s beejakshara mantram is “Om.” After indepth research he concluded and confirmed that “Om” is Matangi’s beejakshara mantram based on the following evidences:

            Omkāra Panjara Sukhi
            Upanishadudhyāna Kēlikalakhanti
            Āgamavipina Mayūri
            Āryam Antarvibhavayē Gauri ।।

    I bow to Gauri, the Matangi, who resides in the cage of Omkara and is in eternal happiness. She is the nature of the OM mantra mentioned in the Vedas and Upanishads. She is the supreme deity and is worshipped by all.

    Bhairava Tantra Uvachaha

            Gāyatri Pārvati Padhyāyapi 
            Omkāra Kṛita Sadmanē
            Kalyāṇa Guṇa Dhamnēstō
            Matanga Vihita Satihi ।।

    That deity who is prescribed by the Gayatri mantra; who resides in the house of Omkara; who is the consort of Matangi, possessing the atrributes of Sat chit and Anandam, is Matanga Shiva.

  9. Is Matangi Sage Matanga/his son's daughter?
  10. According to Brahmanda Purana, there is a sage by name Matanga whose son is the good friend of King Himavanta. When Himavanta felt pride of being a father to Goddess Parvati; Matanga’s son felt distressed and performed tapas for Rajashyamala to be born as his daugher. So Rajashyamala is born as Matangi devi. This is false.

    In Mahabharata Anushasana Parva, a scholar wrote a story about Sage Matanga performing tapas for 300 years to become a brahmin. This is also fictitious and imaginary.

    When Narada asked Brahma about Matangi origin, Brahma replied that, Sage Matanga observed tapas for 10000 years. Pleased by it Adiparashakti manifested as Matangi to Sage Matanga. To kill Tripurasura Lord Rudra worshipped Matangi.

    Shyamala dandakam, Narada Pancharatnam, and Rudrayamala tantram stands as an evidence that Goddess Matangi is Adiparashakti.According to a great kavi Hemadripant, the Brahamanda Puranam available after 10th and 11th centuries is different from that of 9th century. The 9th century’s Brahmanda Puranam is writen based on Kaḷidas’s Shyamala Dandakam.

    When Matangi is one of the Dasa Mahavidya, how can she be associated with other deities? One should never forget that the Dasa Mahavidya deities are the incarnations and divine rays of Adiparashakti. Otherwise, they fall prey to their illusioned intellect.


Stipulations for chanting Sri matangi Mahavidya Beejakshara Mantra

  • To receive complete blessing of Dasa Mahavidya, the seeker should themselves become a disciple of a self-realized guru (or a Siddhaguru).
  • If your Guru is self-realized, seek permission from your guru to learn Sri matangi Mahavidya from Siddhaguru Sri Ramanananda Maharshi.
    Else chant:

    Yetat kshanamapi aham sri ramanananda maharshinaha nijasishyaha bhavami.
    (At this moment itself, I wholeheartedly accept “Siddhaguru Sri Ramanananda Maharshi” as my guru.

  • Promise him that you never trouble him, submit to him with utmost devotion on him and eventually endeavor to become enlightened.
  • Light three Agarbattis at your pooja mandir.
  • One who performed the death rituals should not chant this mantra for 3 months and his family for 11 days.
  • Women are not permitted to chant this mantra during menstruation.
  • These mantras can be chanted aloud(if you are alone) or softly under breath.
  • Communicating mantras to anyone is strictly prohibited.
  • Seekers born during the time of Krittika, Uttara and Uttarashada stars should primarly worship her.

Beejakshara Mantram


Moola Mantram

Seekers born during the time of Krittika, Uttara and Uttarashada stars should primarly worship her

Om Hreem Kleem Hoom Mātangyai Phat Swāhā
ॐ ह्रीं क्लीं हूं मातंग्यै फट् स्वाहा

Matangi Worship Benefits

  1. Vashikaran Shakti: The power of captivating a situation or a person subject to one's will.
  2. Vaksiddhi-The mystic power talking with perfection.
  3. Ashtaiswarya Prapti- Achieve immense wealth and prosperity.

Sri Matanga Bhairava
Sri Matangi Mahavidya Anushtanam