Talk with Siddhaguru

“When your heart connects with the heart of Guru the spirituality blossoms”

- Siddhaguru

Spiritual Q&A

On 29th June 1995, by the grace of my guru Shiridi Sai guru my living guru Mata Sri Poornananda giri yogini I realized self.

Yes. This is the thumb rule.. It is impossible to realize self without a Guru. Even the state of that guru to be self- realized to make you realize the self.

My experience is the authentication for it. I also checked it with different holy texts that spoke of the personality and elements of God. It proved me right.

Like you notice the fragrance of a Jasmine in its arena, you experience the state of inner peace and stillness in his presence, when you approach him. This is the proof.

I have not practiced anything to achieve it. Like Ramana Maharshi, I have realized it without any practice. My guru Sai Baba showered his grace. I loved him to the extreme.

What I opine is a person who have not declared it, have not experienced it. Divinity is the original quality of every human being. One who know it declare it, others ignore it. Many saints have delivered a message to the world of their self-realized experience.

Knowing self is beyond all. The words spoke by a self-realized guru and the miracles took place in his disciples life are the sole notes.

Realizing self is the prime purpose of this life. It is the real service you do for yourself.