Siddhaguru Meditation


The transfer of cosmic energy from guru to disciples is called shaktipat. When the guru does shaktipat, a disciple will have divine experiences in fraction of a second without any spiritual practice, thereby enjoying a blissful state.

Enlightened masters perform shaktipat by transmitting their divine cosmic energy to seekers thereby bringing an incredible inner transformation and ultimate bliss.

Types of Shaktipat

A mystic practice from ages that allows you to grow from inside out without self effort. Here only the grace of a Siddhaguru works, nothing else. A Siddhaguru performs shaktipat in different ways. Siddhaguru Sri Ramanananda Maharshi performs Nada Shaktipat during Meditation.

sparsha shaktipat by siddhaguru
Sparsha Shaktipat
nada shaktipat by siddhaguru
Nada Shaktipat
dristi shaktipat by siddhaguru
Drishti Shaktipat
sahaja shaktipat by siddhaguru
Sahaj Shaktipat


  1. Siddhaguru Om Kara Seekers chant “Om” 3 times along with Siddhaguru. This is Nada Shaktipat.
  2. Instructions Siddhaguru instructs seekers to close eyes and guides them to observe meditation.
  3. Meditation The session lasts from 45 minutes to 60 minutes with seekers observing meditation by the grace of Siddhaguru.
  4. End of Session Seekers chant “Om” once along with Siddhaguru to end the session.


During meditation, seekers journey inwards and progress to the higher states of consciousness. They may experience any of the following depending on their state of mind and the extent of activation of their chakras.

  • Kundalini awakening
  • Cleansing of chakras
  • State of trance
  • Sight of different colors
  • Sight of gods and goddesses
  • Astral travel
  • Experiencing different smells
  • State of self-realization
  • Sight of different planes
  • Removal of depression
  • Sight of Siddhagurus
  • Deep meditative state
  • Curing of black magic
  • Curing of physical and mental illnesses
  • Sight of departed souls


Research findings from Shaktipat participants

94% Stress Relief
87% Deep meditative state
4% Sampragyata Samadhi
75% Sight of Siddhagurus


Shaktipat - A Mystical Inner Tour

Here is the book written by siddhaguru that clarifies your questions, hesitations, suspicions and scepticism. Siddhaguru advise every devotee who approach him to read this book at least two times before attending meditation session. Paperback is available in Hindi and Telugu languages.