What is Ultimate Bliss?

To prove human is a god by nature in spoken words is difficult to the one who experienced it. It is a self-experience and self-explanatory process.

Super Consciousness is the ultimate bliss. The original state of every person is Super Consciousness. The undefined, extraordinary infinite power is called Super Consciousness which is neither created nor destroyed. It is formless and nameless ultimate power. Super Consciousness is beyond nature. Nature always changes. But Super Consciousness never changes. It is always stable. Nature is full of attributes but Super Consciousness is a power that is beyond attribute.

Enjoying ultimate bliss - Siddhaguru’s wisdom

Super Consciousness is nothing but bliss and ultimate happiness. If anyone connects to the Super Consciousness, they will easily enjoy bliss and ultimate happiness in fraction of seconds. Similarly, Super Consciousness naturally has many powers and many pure attributes. Anybody connecting to the Super Consciousness will get all the powers and pure attributes. For getting bliss, happiness and powers,one must stay connected to the Super Consciousness. Moreover, we enjoy only very minimal (about 5%) happiness in this world. And, that is far removed from the true ultimate bliss.

There are mainly two ways to attain ultimate bliss. One is by the grace of living Siddhaguru and second one is by deep meditation. Out of these two ways, grace of living Siddhaguru is very powerful than deep meditation because if one does not have pure mind and pure attributes they will not be able to attain deep meditation. Even though if one does not have pure mind and pure attributes the living Siddhaguru grants ultimate bliss by awakening kundalini through shaktipat easily. So, with divine love approach living Siddhaguru and serve him wholeheartedly.

A guru who is self-realized with yogic power and ability to grant self-realization to the disciples easily is called a Siddhaguru. Today, those who are giving meditation training and discourses without experiencing self-realization and ultimate bliss are simply called ordinary gurus or masters. Disciples should not mistake these ordinary gurus to be Siddhagurus. Disciples always should love and serve only Siddhagurus because ordinary gurus are not eligible to be served.

Ordinary gurus do not have the ability to enjoy ultimate bliss and happiness. Then how can they grant ultimate bliss to the others? Moreover, ordinary gurus do not have the powers to remove disciples’ problems and troubles. Many people serve ordinary gurus due to the lack of this knowledge. This is a complete waste of time, money and energy. So, strive to identify a living Siddhaguru and get his grace.

When you switch off your mind, you will connect to super consciousness automatically. Without switching off your mind, no one can connect to super consciousness. Prayer, singing divine songs, karmas of any nature and chantings cannot connect you to Super Consciousness. Because, when you give work to mind it cannot be switched off. Only by doing meditation, you can switch your mind off. As a result one can easily attain Super Consciousness. If it is not possible for you to do deep meditation, the only way is to approach a living Siddhaguru.

Like how when a mobile is not switched off, it keeps receiving calls continuously, similarly, when the mind is not switched off, it will keep processing multiple thoughts continuously. Everybody knows how to switch off their mobiles, but people don’t know how to switch off their minds.

Here, Siddhaguru Sri Ramanananda Maharshi reveals a secret to switch your mind off.

When the mind is stable, it will be switched off automatically. When the mind is switched off, you will not get a single thought relieving you from the thought process. As a result of this, one will attain ultimate bliss and happiness.

People may question as to why they should switch their minds off? If you don’t switch off your mind you cannot escape from thoughts. You will be bound by thoughts and as a result you won’t get ultimate bliss and peace. And, moreover, you will fall into the ocean of sorrows. So, by deep meditation switch off your mind.

When you are serving a Siddhaguru or atleast doing meditation regularly there is no need to stop your private life. In Indian tradition and other traditions there is a great command that you should sacrifice your private life for getting ultimate bliss. But the truth is private life cannot effect your spiritual practice when you are doing meditation regularly as per Siddhaguru’s direction.

Before approaching and serving a guru, you have to analyze carefully if he has attained self-realization or not. Secondly, you have to analyze if he has the shaktipat yogic power or not. You should not believe others opinions blindly. You have to ask the guru directly.

In the tradition of all Siddhagurus, there is an unsaid commandment that the grace of the Siddhaguru depends upon the love of the disciple. Grace is directly proportional to the divine love. The grace you receive from Siddhaguru is proportional to your divine love on him. You have to clearly understand that you cannot get Siddhaguru’s grace by money, position and egoism. It can only be obtained with love.

Divine love and egoism can be compared to light and darkness. When there is darkness there is no light. Similarly, when there is egoism, there is no divine love. For obtaining ultimate bliss quickly and easily, you must surrender your egoism to the feet of Siddhaguru.

Some may question that without any help of Siddhaguru, by doing meditation regularly, will I not get ultimate bliss?

Like how a lock cannot be opened without a key, similarly without the grace of Siddhaguru, you cannot obtain ultimate bliss. It is not a blind theory. Many enlightened guru’s lives are evidences for this fact.

Advaita Philosophy or non dual Philosophy is a real and ancient Philosophy. The main essence of Advaita Philosophy is “Every being is God”. It is not a blind belief, It is a real philosophy proved by ancient Rishis and Yogis.

According to Veda, all Siddhagurus, Yogis and Rishis Dwaitha or dual philosophy is a false philosophy. Because dual Philosophy is established by people under illusion who have not attained self realization. Any self realized person never agree dual Philosophy.

According to Veda, all Siddhagurus, Yogis and Rishis Vishishta Advaitha is a false philosophy. Created by people under illusion, who are not self realized. Any self realized person never accepts this Philosophy at any cost.

Who studied veda and self realized vedic scholars says that man is God. But who studied veda and are not self realized scholars says that man is apart from the God. These people argue that a man cannot create an universe. God only created the universe. But the secret is if a man obtained a siddha, he will get so many powers, what God has. Vishwamithra Maharshi is the best example for this.

Maya is a great illusion. It will show unreal as real, real as unreal. It is another form of God.Maya has extraordinary power equivalent to God.