In the Vedic tradition, cows are worshipped as mothers. Devotees worshipping and serving cows have experienced peace and reduction in their worldly miseries and misfortunes.

Siddhaguru Sri Ramanananda Maharshi started gosala in the year 2015 at Ramaneswaram-Mahapeetam, to nuture and protect cows. Gosala and cows are an integral part of Mahapeetam and their upkeep is one of the prime activities undertaken here.

Panchgavya, the five products received from the cow - milk, ghee, yogurt, dung, cow urine are used in the daily abhishekam and other ritualistic ceremonies performed at Ramaneswaram-Mahapeetam.

Sacred ash or vibhuti extracted from cow dung is used in daily Shiva abhishekam. Goshala currently has 200 cows, 100 calves. Over 200 litres of milk is produced by these cows. This Milk is used for 1365 shiva linga abhishekam.
Devotees can participate in the following goshala sevas:

Medical expenses

You can bear medical expenses of cows for a month or more

Feeding of cows

Cows can be fed on a per day, per month and on a per year basis.

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