Dasa Bhairava Temple

Dasa Bhairava Temple

No one can fully capture the incredible majesty of Lord Shiva and Goddess Shakthi. Their subject is as deep as the ocean.The avatars of Lord Shiva and Goddess Shakti are infinite. Dasa Mahavidyas and their consorts, the Dasa Bhairavas, are among them.

Bhairava is ‘Bhola’ the gracious god who fulfills one's desires at ease. Bhairava Anushtanam is performed by Kaula chara tradition, Vamachara tradition , and Aghora tradition.Worshipping bhairava and his incarnations will give the benefits of material and spiritual pleasures.


Who is Bhairava?
                            Viswasya Bharanat
                            Ramanat Vamanat ।
                            Shristri Stiti Samharakari
                            Paramashivaha ।।

That deity who created, destroys, and preserves this universe and adorned it is Bhairava, the embodiment of Lord Shiva.

Bhairava is the incarnation of Shiva according to skanda and Padma purana. Tantra shastra say that he gives prana and takes out prana without second thought.While Northern India hail Shiva as Bhairava, Southern India revere him as Shiva.

Important Note

Only from Siddhagurus or Enlightened masters should a seeker learn the worship of these Dasa Bhairava and Dasa Mahavidya deities. He should become a disciple and follow the Guru's instructions exactly as they are. Dasa Mahavidya and Dasa Bhairava mantras contains 'Beejaksharam,' that ought to be chanted flawless.

World’s first 7 Feet Dasa Bhairava Idols

There is only one temple or hardly only a few temples constructed for Dasa Bhairavas in India and across the world. Of all those Ramaneswaram stands infront. Founded by Siddhaguru Sri Ramanananda Maharshi in 2015, this abode is the pilgrimage for varied deities and Siddhagurus. Possibly, this is the only pilgrimage which has Dasa Bhairava Idols, each of 7 feet tall.

Once the devotee enters the main arch of the temple, on the right there is Adiparashakti Sannidhanam. Devotee should pray to her performing Kumkum pooja and move onto the left inside the sannidhanam for Navadurgas darshan, followed by the Dasa Mahavidya darshan along side their consorts Dasa Bhairavas. Here, Dasa Bhairava deities are consecrated in Marble stone form according to the Tantric sciences. On the 7th day of December 2023, Siddhaguru Sri Ramanananda Maharshi consecrated these idols. Each of these deities possesses a unique prowess and grant wishes to their devotees accordingly.

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