Vedas – Facts & Findings

Vedas are oldest and the most ancient scriptures known to mankind. They are not of human origin and contain the most secretive knowledge on mind, manifested universe, kundalini power and god. In ancient times, all sections of the society had access to Vedas and Vedic study was a part of everyone’s daily life.

Since the last 5000 years, few sections of the society gained total control of Vedas, as a result of which women and other sections of the society were systematically denied access to the Vedas. This denial was further institutionalized with severe restrictions and punishments. This led to the mankind deviating from the true Vedic path.

Siddhaguru condemned and rejected the idea of limiting the Vedas to a particular section of the society on various public platforms. He took up the bold initiative to propagate and promote the core teachings of Vedas to women and to other deprived sections of the society.

Time and again, Siddhaguru has reminded and reiterated that Vedas are for all and can be chanted by all the sections of the society including women. He re-instated the fact that fire sacrifice (homam) with Vedic chants can be performed by all the sections of the society irrespective of the caste and gender.

Siddhaguru performed a massive fire sacrifice with 20350 Vedic chants (mantras) and 20350 altars in Feb’2018. The fire sacrifice involved 40,000 people comprising women, lower sections of the society and others. This event stood as a testimony to Siddhaguru’s commitment in taking Vedas to every household irrespective of their social strata.

In order for common man to chant Vedas easily, Siddhaguru re-introduced a long forgotten ancient method of chanting the Veda mantras with the help of specific musical notations. The following are few of the Vedic hymns taught and recited by Siddhaguru:

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  • Sri Suktham
  • Isa Vasyopanishad
  • Ganesha Suktham
  • Gayathri Manthram
  • Samvatsareshti Mantras
  • Nakshatra Suktham
  • Aadi parashakti suktam