Siddhaguru's Aura

Aura is a Bio-electric Magnetic field radiating from every living and non-living objects, it is an energy emanating from every soul and matter. Aura is connected to the seven magnificent energy centers also called as chakras of the human body.

Siddhaguru is a unique yogi and an enlightened master in the present times. His aura constantly radiates strong positive vibrations and spiritual energy for the benefit of the seekers.

Disciples coming into his aura both physically and mentally experience significant spiritual upliftment. Disciples’ experiences are due to the fact that Siddhaguru’s divine chakras (energy centers) are completely active and constantly tap into the universal cosmic energy making him a cosmic powerhouse emitting powerful energy waves that help cleanse the chakras of the devotees near and far.

siddhaguru heart chakra at 90%

Heart Chakra

The heart-chakra has a connection with Crown chakra according to Ramana Maharshi. God dwells in this chakra in the form of love. Love is directly proportionate to the frequency of aura for this chakra.

siddhaguru throat chakra at 100%

Throat Chakra

The throat chakra tells about your astral body. Great personages call it a Jivatma. It is a gateway of your physical expressions. It balances and purifies your mind. The more the purified mind, the greater the aura frequency.

siddhaguru third-eye chakra at 100%

Third Eye Chakra

This chakra is at the forehead. It describes the perception of mind about the world. It absorbs duality in non-duality.The more the aura frequency, the more the absorption into the absolute.


The aura report from “ANGELICA of ANGELS” of Salem, Massachussets, USA stands as a testimony to Siddhaguru’s aura and energy field. His chakras are reported to be 100% active making him a divine embodiment walking on this planet.


Siddhaguru Aura