“One who enters the sanctum of the Suvarna Shiva lingam will take away the fruits of worshipping it.”

- Siddhaguru

Suvarna Shiva Linga


Suvarna Shiva lingam, the first 3 feet golden shiva lingam in the world, is specially consecrated by Siddhaguru for fulfilling the materialistic and spiritual desires of devotees. It is the principal attraction of Ramaneswaram.

Suvarna Shiva lingam is a doorway to enjoy the absolute bliss in the process of birth and death. The aura of absolute bliss is “Suvarnam” -a golden complexion. One who enters the sanctum of the temple will experience the aura of absolute bliss.


To dwell in Ramaneswaram in the form of Suvarna Shiva lingam is the will of God himself. Siddhaguru identified his will and the process moved on accordingly with Siddhaguru’s plan of art and design, donors contribution in the form of gold and money, resulting in the formation of beautiful Suvarna Shiva lingam. Siddhaguru energized this Shiva lingam in unique ways to fulfill various desires of devotees in all dimensions.




Shiva is fond of Abhisekam. No Other offering will make him delight as Abhisekam. Devotees are given one liter of milk and 3 litres of water for performing abhisekam to Suvarna Shiva lingam.

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suvarna-shivalingam pradakshina


You can offer 3 Pradakshina to Golden Shiva linga inside the temple after performing Abhishek pooja to imbibe its energy in you.

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