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Shiva Shakthi Sai Temple

There are many worshipers and believers in God all over the world. Taking part in various service activities related to God is considered being good for the entire family. Everyone believes that donating to the construction of a temple brings not only annihilation of sins but also virtue.

Shiva Shakthi Shirdi Sai temple is the heart of Ramaneswaram allowing the seeker to explore the role of trinity (Shirdi Sai), Shakthi (Kundalini energy) and Shiva (The Lord) in his/her life-cycle. Shiva Shakthi temple allow you to sense the inner world, being in the outer world to full extent.

About the temple

Siddhaguru Sri Ramanananda Maharshi started the construction of the Shiva Shakthi Shirdi Sai Temple. The uniqueness of this temple is that it is 243 feet long and 126 feet wide that can accommodate 10,000 people at a time. In the sanctum of this temple, 6feet Golden Shiva lingam, 6feet Golden Adi paraShakthi, 6feet Golden Goddess Kanakadurga, 6feet Golden Lord Rudra and 6feet Golden Shirdi Sai idols are consecrated.

6ft gold shiva idol to be consecrated at Ramaneswaram

It's not that easy to become the donor of such a large Temple. This is a rare opportunity to offer gold to the 6-feet idols of Lord Shiva, Parashakti, Kanaka Durga, Lord Rudra and Lord Shirdi Sai. So take advantage of such a rare opportunity and get the blessings of Shiva Shakti Shirdi Sainath.

6ft gold shakti idol to be consecrated at Ramaneswaram

The names of the donors who made donations for the construction of the temple will be written on the board. You can donate gold or cash to 5 gold idols as a token of adoration.

6ft gold shirdi sai idol to be consecrated at Ramaneswaram

Devotees can become donors for the Shiva Shakti Sai Temple construction in 2 ways.

1. Shiva Shakti Sai Temple Construction Donor

2. Swarna pancha 6feet idols donor