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Veda Rushi Lingas

I offer reverence to the Veda Rishis - the path showers, the seers of every Vedic hymn and the hearer of eternal truth with exceptional cognizance and mystical powers.

Vedas are the top-tier testimonials exhibiting the concrete presence of Veda Rishis. Vedas are discovered by Rishis, who attained inner progress in many aspects. In Vedas we come across two types of Rishis, one who identified the mantra in the meditation and penned it, the other is capable to have an insight to that mantra and penning it in simple linguistics to be understandable to the world.

Rishis are custodians to the eternal wisdom and wealth of the Lord. They are always accountable to protect the assets of God. Modern world refer Rishis as enlightened masters, siddhagurus, Saints and Sages. The heart of Vedic Rishis is unfolded only by the mystics renowned with these by-names.

Pratistha Information

His holiness Siddhaguru Sri Ramanananda Maharshi designed this “2016 Veda Rishi Shiva lingams Consecration project” for the temple town of Ramaneswaram. 2016 Veda Rishi Shiva lingams are dedicated to the names of each Veda Rishi as part of this effort.The main temple is surrounded by Veda Rishi Shiva lingams, which exhibit their reverence and devotion to Lord Shiva. The Shiva lingams are placed according to Veda Rishi’s family heritage. A sannidhanam is allotted and dedicated to each Veda Rishi family. Until now, 251 Veda Rishi Shiva lingams are consecrated in 11 Sannidhanams, along with deities and various Yogis idols.

Within their lineage, each sannidhanam is given the name of the family head. By becoming the donors of these shivalingams, they earned various benefits. Over and above, during Karteeka Masam, his holiness Siddhaguru Sri Ramanananda Maharshi is about to consecrate 118 Veda Rishi Shiva lingams. This is an excellent opportunity for devotees to take part and become receptive to Lord Shiva’s and the Veda Rishis’ blessings. Donors are assigned Veda Rishis based on their Gotram (if available)..

Furthermore, during Sravana Masam, his holiness Siddhaguru Sri Ramanananda Maharshi is about to consecrate 27 Veda Rishi Shiva lingams from August 7 through August 11th, 2022.

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