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Ramaneswaram - Adi Parashakthi - 9 ft Idol

Adiparashakti can be propitiated through different ways of worship, depending upon your capabilities. But on the path of realizing Brahman, she should be worshipped under the guidance of a Siddhaguru. This notion resulted in the establishment of Adiparashakti Sannidhaan by Siddhaguru at Ramaneswaram on 14th October 2020.

Adiparashakti Darbar/ Shiva Shakti Sai Darbar

It is one of the Siddhaguru’s grand work extolling their greatness. His relation with them resulted in a grand offering to the world. Being considered as a face of Ramaneswaram, it is on the first right after entering the Simha Dwara of the temple.

Idols in Shiva Shakti Sai Darbar

Lord Shiva, the Brahman is consecrated here as Spatika Shiva linga, Pancha loha Shiva linga, and in his manifested form Yoga Rudra, Sada Shiva and his incarnation as Guru Dakshina Murthy. Goddess Shakthi is consecrated here as Adi Parashakti and her nine forms Navadurgas- Shailaputri Devi, Brahmacharini Devi, Chandraghanta Devi, Kushmanda Devi, Katyayani Devi, Skandamata Devi, Kalaratri Devi, Mahagauri Devi, and Siddhidatri Devi.

Shirdi Sai is consecrated here as Sai Mahalakshmi. Worship of Shirdi Sai here gives you the fruit of wealth and prosperity. Besides this, devotees can also have a darshan of Lord Kala Bhairava, Goddess Bhairavi Mata Goddess and Lord Veerabhadra, Goddess Bhadrakali, Lord Subramanya Swamy, Lord Maha Ganapathi, Sri Arthanareeswarar, Goddess Gayatri,Goddess Gnanaprasunamba devi, Goddess Swaha Devi, Goddess Swadha Devi, Goddess Manasadevi, and Lord Vasuki Nagendra Swami.

The speciality of this sannidhaan is that the impenetrable darkness of ignorance lodged within us is eliminated by the grace of Shiva-Shakthi-Shirdi Sai. This lets you know the inner cognizance that liberates one from this world.