“When your heart connects with the heart of the Guru, spirituality blossoms”

- Siddhaguru

Siddhaguru Miracles

Siddhaguru performed innumerable miracles in the lives of many people relieving them from distressed life situations, curing illnesses and healing them from many health related issues. He is said to have appeared in the visions of many followers and devotees guiding them not only in their spiritual path but also in their day-to-day worldly affairs. Only Siddhagurus or enlightened masters have the ability to perform such miracles. A few experiences shared by the disciples stand as a testimony to Siddhaguru’s ability and humane intent.


Meenakshi - Netherlands

Peetam lo prathistalu jarugutunnai ,Anni statues akkada petti unnaru, appudu akkada ammavari statue undi standing position lo undi. Amma right hand lo oka shulam undi, akkada pakkana swamy ,Lakshmi Amma unnaru andaru chustu undaga,Amma right hand chethilo shulam left hand ki vachindi ,taruvata swamy Amma daggaraki vellaru appudu ammavaru a shulam ni swamy chethiki ichi namaskaram chesaru. swamy variki THANK YOU so much

Leela vathi kakumani - Podalakur

Pranamamulu guruvu garu meelanti guruvu unanduku chala santhosham.. meru prathi roju maa enti ki vasthunatle undhi.. Meditation lo unantha sepu Arunachala Shiva and meru kanipisthunatle untaru.. drashta medha drushiti thone chusthunanu..

Sonia KL - Hyderabad

In the initial stage of my career in hyderabad, my parents used to stay in my native, one day early mng maybe at 5am I saw swami face wch has become pure black with pure white eyes , I was bit confused y I saw swami face as blackish , later I got to know on the same day snake entered in my native home n my parents were terrified ,luckily they got out of this dangerous situation only by swami grace , only Guru can Take care of us in any circumstances, Thank you Gurudeva.

Sridevi - Vishakapatnam

Ninna night nenu chala badha paduthu padukuna na health gurinchi. Naku swami medha prema taggindha Lekkapothey guruvu ki na medha prema taggindha ani Naku arahathaledha nenu emina thappu Chesana ani anukoni badha paduthu padukunna. Swami and Bhavani amma na kalalo kanipincharu swami na burra medha hand petti nimiri Ninnu nenu Repu tesukoni velthanu ani annaru. Emi bayapadaku amma ani annaru.


When ever I decorate Baba with garland or chains immediately I could see Swamiji wearing the same garland or chain or whatever things offered to Baba. while giving feed back also I am getting scented smells. Swamiji power is ultimate.

Sirisha - Vizag

While meditating today, my mind became stable without trying and I sat like a steady lamp. In between when I heard the mantra " Om Maha Mukhaya Namah” my breathing increased. I could see the face of Swami, which then transformed into an infinite black pillar. I could feel a power from my mind getting attracted towards him, and I experienced bliss.