Ananda Teertham


Experience the divine serenity of Ananda Teertham,an integral facet of the Sahasra Shiva Linga Pratistha, crafted under Siddhaguru's guidance. Nestled within its seven-foot water depths lie 316 sacred Shiva Lingas, Among them stand tall 232 Shiva Lingas bearing the names of lord shiva from Shiva Sahasra Naam, including Ekadasa Rudras, Ashta Murthy Shivalingas, and the celestial embodiment of the four Veda Shivalingams.

At its heart, a majestic 30-foot Akasha Shiva Lingam radiates divine energy, while the presence of Surya Graha Shiva Lingam adds celestial grace. Adjacent to these embodiments of divinity stand idols paying homage to the spiritual lineage, from Lord Buddha and Shirdi Saibaba to the timeless presence of Sadashiva.

Surrounding this sanctified water body, a celestial symphony unfolds with Panchabhuta Shivalingas, Navagraha Shivalingas, Nakshatra Shivalingas, and Raasi Shivalingas, each representing cosmic forces in perfect harmony. The shimmering presence of Copper and Spatika Shivalingas, along with idols of Shirdi Saibaba, Simhavahini Ammavaru, and DakshinaMurthy, further enriches the divine aura.

Adorning the vista, Mahanandi stands sentinel, epitomizing reverence. Consecrated on November 9th, 2019, by Siddhaguru, Ananda Teertham invites devotees to experience its transcendent energy, offering solace and spiritual elevation.