Ananda Teertham


As a part of Sahasra Shiva linga pratistha, Siddhaguru architected seven feet depth Ananda teertham and consecrated 316 shivalingas comprised of 232 Shiva lingas with names of Lord Shiva, EkadasaRudras, AshtaMurthy Shivalingas, 4 veda lingas, 30 feet Akasha Shiva lingam at the center, Surya Graha Shiva lingam and idols of Lord Buddha, Shirdi Saibaba, Sadashiva to energize it. Furthermore, Panchabhuta Shivalingas, Navagraha Shivalingas, Nakshatra Shivalingas, Raasi (zodiac sign) Shivalingas, and Copper Shiva lingam, Spatika Shivalingam and idols of Shirdi Saibaba, Simhavahini Ammavaru and DakshinaMurthy surrounds this water body to supplement the energy further. Mahanandi consecrated in front appears like a royal-porter to this water body. The magnificent energy of Ananda teertham is witnessed and experienced by devotees visiting Ramaneswaram. Ananda teertham is offered to the world on 09th Nov 2019 by Siddhaguru.




The fruit of taking a dip in Kumbhamela is equivalent to taking a dip once in Ananda teertham. Taking a dip in Ananda teertham enhances spiritual receptivity besides an increase in physical and mental prosperity. Devotees can take a holy bath in Ananda teertham wearing apparel in white only.



Few difficulties in our life arise because of karmic blocks and Grahadosham. Devotees can perform Abhishek Pooja to their respective Nakshatra, Navagraha, and RaasiShivalingas to get rid of these difficulties. Specifically, devotees suffering from health issues and other longterm issues can perform Abhisiek Pooja and do away with it.