Sri dhumavati Mahavidya

Sri Dhumavati Mahavidya/श्री धूमावती महाविद्या

When Lord Rudra was disparaged by Daksha and his army, Satidevi was distressed with it, entered the flames at the Daksha yagna and burned herself into ashes. A deity was emerged from her ashes. Dhumavati is her name and is the fifth of Dasa Maha Vidya pantheon.

She emerged between Parvati and Satidevi and eventually merged with Parvati. Perple born during the times of Shatabhisha or Swati or Ardra stars should worship her. Offer Milk, Water, Vada, and Dates to please her.

Dhumavati appears in marron complexion. She is tall, leaves her hair untied, has austere looks, appears like a widow (in contrast to her eternal consort Dhumavanta), and had a unique second birth (emerged from satidevi ashes). A Crow always remian on the top of her chariot. hands are as wide as a winnower which signifies her ability to drive out everyone's evil attributes. Her hands also seem like fire, and she promises to fulfil the desires of those whose worship her.

One should follow these instructions while reciting her Vidya

Dhumavati-Fantasy and Reality

  1. Dhumavati is a form of smoke.
    >This is an imaginary assertion. The word "Dhuma" has 30 meanings, while "Dhumra" has 29 meanings. Dhumavati is mentioned in the majority of Tantra shastras. "Dhumra varna Swetha Hasta" means a mature red with a sea blue tint. Dhumavati is an abbreviation for Jwalavati, Agnivati, and Vahnivati, all of which imply "burning fire." She is also referred to as the embodiment of dance.
  2. She is a widow. This is a fabricated story. She was born from Sati Devi's ashes and hence had a distant from Maharudra. She was devastated by the events that happened in Dakshayagna and decided to remain away from him. Maha Rudra is immortal; therefore, how can she never have a spouse? Dhumavanta is her consort. She adores the Aghora mantra and listens to it all the time. She is Brahmacharini among navadurgas; and saves her devotees from difficulties. She remains near the Milk Sea, longing for wind and the company of 36 Dakini deities.
  3. She is the nature of poverty, Jyestha. One definition of Jyestha is the highest deity. Another connotation is poverty. This is untrue. Deva Devi is what Jyestha signifies. Few scholars incorrectly assumed that because she bears a crow, a symbol of poverty, she embodies poverty.She carries a crow, which signifies that she performs pinda pradana on enemies and drives everything away.
  4. Dhumavati is the nature of illusion (Maya). She signifies the Ucchatana shakti, and the nature of eternal consciousness.

Dhumavati’s life teachings

  1. Dhumavati deeply cares for her devotees.
  2. Satidevi violated her guru and consort, Lord Rudra’s words. This is equivalent to killing a pure Brahmin. She ignored his words and scarificed herself in Daksha Yagna. Later, when she came to him as Parvathi, it made no difference to him.
  3. Dhumavati remained alone, separated from her consort, Lord Rudra, in order to destroy the adversaries who had defamed Lord Rudra. This is the highest level of devotion to a guru. One should have this love and devotion for their guru.
  4. One should practise tapas like Dhumavati and remove the hidden foes (shadripus) and vices. She only had milk, water, fresh palm, and dates in her life.
  5. Dhumavati lived her life like a fire. Observing meditation, japa, and a pure mind longing for divinity is akin to fire.
Hata Kalmasha Taddehaha
            Prapatccha Tadagninam ।
            Bhasma Sada Sadat Sadhyo
            Munishrestha Tadichaya ।।

Daksha and his army defamed Lord Shiva. In response to it, Satidevi sacrificed herself to fire and turned into ashes immediately.

Ganapati Muni about Dhumavati
Shunya Prakshyaya Chillina
            Pralaye Brahmani Janmisho Shuptau ।
            Kabalita Sakala Brahanda Tam
            Kavayaha Shreshtam Jeyshta Mahuhu ।।

Shunya, or nothingness, is symbolised by Dhumavati. According to Tantric Shastra, Bindu is Shiva, also known as Zero in routine daily life. She joins Brahman during Pralaya and is the essence of wisdom. In all beings, Dhumavati remains dormant. Every Brahmanda is captivated by her, and she is hailed as the greatest of all deities.

Nidra Vismruti Mohalasya
            Pravidhe Daiyihi Sabhavamagneshu ।
            Yeshaivashat Yunjaneshu
            Dvasta Vikalpaha Kopi Samadhihi ।।

All siddhagurus have their sentiments and emotions destroyed by Dhumavati, who then transforms into Yoganidra (everlasting happiness) within them. She continues to be in a deep sleep state within humans.


Stipulations for chanting Sri Dhumavati Mahavidya Beejakshara Mantra

Beejakshara Mantram



Moola Mantram

Seekers born during the time of Shatabhisha Swati and Ardra stars should worship this goddess.

Dhoom Dhoom Dhumavati Swaha
धूं धूं धूमावती स्वाहा

Sri Dhumavanta Bhairava
Sri Dhumavati Mahavidya Anushtanam