Sri Tara Mahavidya

Tara Mahadevi is the second incarnation of Satidevi in Dasa Mahavidya.The word Tara is arised from the letter 'tru.' She is regarded as the manifestation of Nadam (sound). Tara Devi is the source of Nada Yoga and is the presiding deity of Jupiter. When we utter words, the vak (voice) comes out after crossing 4 sounds- Para, Pashyanti, Madhyama,and Vaikhari. Tara devi is associated with Pashyanti Shabdam (Vak). Pashyati is the powerful astral sound heard when seeker attains mantra siddhi. This deity is also regarded as Neela Saraswathi/Ugra Tara ( gives divine powers) /Eka Jata ( with one braided which gives ample wealth). The Tibetian shastras prescribes that tara mahadevi has 21 incarnations with 21 mantras. According to Yogic sciences, Tara devi dwells in Ananhata Chakra.

The beejakshara mantram of Tara Mahadevi is 'Threem' which was later changed to "Streem" by Tara devi herself. Vasishta maharshi chanted "Threem" mantra and worshipped Tara Mahadevi. She manifested to Vasishta Maharshi and initiated 'Streem' beejakshara mantram to him. Lord Bhairava communicated this beejakshara mantram to Bhairavi Devi.

Streem comprises of 4 letters-Sakaram + Takram + Rakaram + Eemkaram. Sakaaram gives the power of talkativeness, wisdom; Takaram removes Vastu doshas, gives kubera vasubeejam (wealth and prosperity) and yaksha, kinnera powers; Rakaram gives complete divine splendour; Eemkaram gives the power to conquer Jaganmata. Hence, there are two beejakshara mantras chanted for Tara Devi.

Seekers who are born during the time of Punarvasu or Purvabhadra, or Visakha stars should chant this mantra. She will be pleased if worshiped by offering a blue lily (neeli kaluva) during nights and likes the third day (tadiya) that comes before new moon and full moon day.

Those who are in marketing field should worship Tara Mahadevi as she bestows the power of talkativeness. Parents who wish their child to flourish in education should make him/her worship this deity. She relives you from birth and death cycle. Music practitioners are ought to worship her. The devotee would be able to free themselves of all negative consequences by reciting her name. If he is a devotee of Tara Mahadevi, even if he enters hell, he will be expelled from there.


Stipulations for chanting Sri Tara Mahavidya Beejakshara Mantra

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