Who is Lord Shiva

  1. In the word Shiva, ‘SHA’ denotes the aboslute bliss, ‘I’ represents  his supremacy and ‘VA’ signifies his  immortal cosmic power.
  2. Shiva is the essence of all religions and sub-religions. He is the source of peace.The appellation “SHIVA” is the  ancient appellation. ‘ Nasti Sarva Samo Devaha ’- No other God is equivalent to Shiva.
  3. Shiva symbolizes totality, the absolute, eventual, the purity , prosperity, liberation, a state of spiritual advancement, an omniscience, a supreme contentment. He  is the Identity of Soul of in all Living beings
  4. Shiva dwells everywhere, in you, in universe. The reason for our existence is Lord Shiva. HE  is the God of completeness and ruler of all.
  5. Shiva Darshan is beyond all the vision, One should be as shiva and have his darshan. There is no other medium.
  6. Shiva is all pervading,. He is spread as Ashtamoorthy [ (Sharvaaya (in Earth), Bhavaaya (in Water), Rudraya (in fire), Ugraaya (in air), Bheemaaya (in sky), Pashupati (in all beings), Eeshanaya (in Sun), Mahadevaaya (in Moon) ]
  7. Shiva is the only god who exists before creation, creation and after annihilation. He  is the god with ocean of mercy and fond of his devotees.
  8. Shiva is the essence of all religions and sub-religions. Shiva is the abode of peace for all troublesome beings.The appellation SHIVA is the oldest and ancient appellations.
  9. The reverse of Shiva-Shiva chant is sounded as Vashi-Vashi, meaning, HE will be in your possession.
  10. The philosophy of God Shiva is infinite and unlimited, indescribable, it is a pleasant and eternal experience.

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