who is a guru?

Who is a Guru?

Let no one in the world live in delusion. Spirituality is a subject that needs a power to push one up and that power is a guru. None can achieve the eternal life without him. Given with a gift of an enlightened, guru is the rare event that happens in one’s life. Defacto, it’s a great esteem. One can conquer anything in life under his shelter.

A guru occupies second in the order of worship after Brahman. That guru who possesses the unwavering connection with the divine is a true guru. He is regarded as Siddhaguru. The completeness in spirituality is accomplished only with the grace of a guru. His words are the words of the divine itself.

A guru transmits the divine energy into the disciple that cleanses the impurities, the so-called tendencies of the mind, and clears the way to liberate himself from all the hurdles that come across for achieving divinity. A spiritual guru should be God-realized, absorbed himself in God to the fullest, identical to the supreme self, knower of the lord, beyond duality, be as a personal example of reverence and love for the world.

One should forever remember and have a faith in Guru. He knows the secret of taking you to the divine. My guru, Shirdi Sai Baba, has helped me with the same. He not only made my life divine with his magical love and affection, also changed my way of perceiving this world.

If you are new to a place, you request someone who lives in that place to help and guide you. Similar is with spirituality. One should have an accurate guide who already knew the secret of spirituality and the code required to make you achieve it.

So, what guru expects from a disciple to give that secret code for achieving divinity? He expects love, complete surrender, faith, reverence and thankfulness from his disciple. When we observe the lives of the spiritual personalities who were given the status of guru by that divine, the focal point is divine love. Their way of directing disciples may vary but eventually tend towards that divine love.

A guru’s grace can neither be expressed nor explained. It is to be experienced. Even if you borrow words from all the languages on this earth and try to explain his grace and love, you will fall short. That is the glory of Guru. He teaches to you to lead a healthy life by gifting you with discriminative intelligence and dispassion.

To master in any subject requires a teacher, same is with spirituality. One will master in spirituality under a Guru’s guidance. No wonder he will make you like him. I know nothing about real spirituality. My guru’s grace gifted me the real spirituality. My unfeigned devotion towards him tasted me with the success of spirituality.

One need not search for a guru, but should be passionate about achieving divinity. That gives you guru. De facto, guru himself appears by you. The work profile of a guru is to guide those who wish to absorb their identity in the divine. God had recruited him only for this. His deeds specify the inner sense of spirituality, which is not an abstract from ancient philosophy, but an ever concrete cognizance of all the time. His love signifies that divine, which is not a suppositious evidence, but a proven ability to experience it.

Finally, the only thing I can wish for me and everyone who reveres and loves a guru is to make HIS perspicuous life a morning raaga for us. His words should become our language. Our mind forever chant and meditate his name. The senses should remember his body. Eventually, our identity should absorb in him. All else for us is a poor translation without him.

    How to recognize a Guru?

    A true Guru is Who:

  1. openly declares "I am self-realized" with authenticity,
  2. expounds upon the philosophy of Atma (Self-realization) based on personal experience,
  3. provides immediate answers to any question without consulting books,
  4. speaks in alignment with the needs of the moment,
  5. willingly shares the time and date of their own self-realization if asked,
  6. describes their experiences of Samadhi (inner peace) when queried,
  7. can impart teachings from Shastras and Upanishads even without formal study under a Guru,
  8. possesses the ability to awaken Kundalini energy within individuals regardless of their current state,
  9. creates an atmosphere where one can experience ecstasy, a tranquil mind, and a suspended intellect in their presence,
  10. celebrates the auspicious anniversary of their Self-Realization.
  11. Genuine Gurus are not easily found, as they do not actively promote themselves unless directed by the Divine or their own Guru.