Shiva lingam - How to Worship at Home?

Frequently asked Questions

What is Shiv Lingam?

There are two mystic syllables in the word ‘Lingam’. One seed letter is ‘Lim’ and other is ‘Gam’. Unmanifested ,invisible god is called ‘Lim’. Symbol of manifestation is ‘Gam'.

Shiv Lingam is the "manifested representation of Shiva”. The unified form - Shiva & Shakthi as a single entity is Shiva Lingam.

Parts of Shiv Lingam :

1. Lingam : Lingam the upper part is indicative of Parabrahman.

2. Peethika, also called Vedika (stage), Panapattam. Peethika the lower part of Shiva Lingam represents Parashakthi.

The attributes Sattva, Rajas, and Tamas are emerged from Shiv ling and again dissolve into it. Shiv ling which does not have beginning and ending, is the cause of the Universe.

Is it permissible to have a Shiva Lingam at home?

Yes, it is permissible. The Shiva Lingam should be positioned facing north. The consecration of Shivalingam occurs through three methods: Charapratishta, Sthira Pratishta, and Sadharan Prartishtha. One may place a Shivalingam at home following the tradition of Sadharana Pratishtha, which involves devoted worship and affection towards Lord Shiva.

Can we keep Shiva Murti at home?

Certainly, it is permissible. Lord Shiva is uniquely worshipped in the form of Shivalingam and idol across the universe. You may place his forms such as Sada Shiva, Rudra, or any of the Dasa Bhairavas (if following tantricism) in your home and worship him.

Which color of Shiva lingam is good for home?

Based on their desires or challenges, individuals can choose from different “types of Shivalingams” mentioned here and then position them in their abodes accordingly.

How to energize Shivalingam or Shiva Idol?

With deep devotion, a Shiva Lingam or an Shiva idol should be received directly from the hands of an enlightened master or a Siddhaguru, with their divine blessings. This act is said to yield results magnified by a thousand crore times compared to the usual practice.

Your Puja Mandir will transform into a sanctum sanctorum of a temple, while your home will be revered as a Shivalaya, dedicated to the worship of Lord Shiva.The rationale behind this is the uninterrupted flow of cosmic energy from a Siddhaguru's Sahasrara chakra down to his feet.

What size of Shiva Lingam is suitable for home placement?

Shiva Lingams ranging from 1 to 5 inches are considered ordinary. Those between 6 to 10 inches are categorized as medium-sized, while those measuring 11 to 15 inches are regarded as the most auspicious.

Why do some advocate for the size of the Shiva Lingam to be that of a thumb?

In Vedas and Upanishads, there's a revelation describing the presence of the Shiva in the form of a thumb. This insight facilitated the practice of idol form worship. Our sages advised that individuals unable to engage in worship of the formless divine should instead worship a Lingam of thumb-sized proportion as a representation.

However, many misinterpreted this teaching, believing erroneously that the Lingam should not exceed the size of a thumb. Such misunderstandings were then widely spread. Hence, it is perfectly acceptable to keep and worship a Shiva Lingam ranging from 1" to 15" in size at home without any fault or wrongdoing.

Can married ladies touch Shivling? Should a woman touch Shivling?

Everyone on this universe are emerged from Lord Shiva. Hence, all are well-qualified to worship him. The prime attribute required is dedicated devotion.

Can we go to Shivling during periods?

No. It is not permitted to visit any Lord Shiva temple during periods for five days.

Is it necessary to perform daily worship to Shiva Lingam at home?

There is no scriptural mandate stating that daily worship must be performed to Shiva. Such beliefs are misconceptions. It is perfectly acceptable to keep a Shiva Lingam in one's home and worship it according to one's ability.

What not to do with Shivling?

  1. Worshipping the Shiva Lingam without applying Vibhuti is not recommended.
  2. It is necessary to wear an upper cloth while performing Shiva Lingam worship.
  3. Marigold and Fragrant Screwpine flowers should not be used in the worship of Shivalingam.
  4. The Shivalingam should always be covered with Vibhuti or a bel leaf to ensure that its head portion is not left empty.

How should one remove the Nirmaliya (residue) from the Shiva Lingam?

The remains on Shiva lingam should be removed using the thumb and index finger, directing them towards the North. Immediately after removing the Nirmaliya, a flower or leaf should be placed on the Lingam, as the top portion of the Shiva Lingam should not remain vacant.

During worship, it is also customary to keep either a flower, leaf, or Vibhuti on top of the Linga. As per the Skanda Purana, consuming the anointed remains of the Shiva Lingam Padodakam is akin to bathing in 1000 crore Teerthas (holy waters).

How can the items used in Shivaradhana be purified?

To purify the materials used in Shivaradhana, sprinkle water on them while reciting the hymn "Hreem Hroom Phat".

Which names should be uttered during the 'Achaman' ritual?

During the "Achaman" ritual, recite the following mantras three times:
Om Shivaya Swaha,
Om Maheswaraya Swaha,
Om Shambhave Swaha.

What are the benefits of giving water to Shivling?

Abhishekam with water to the Shivalingam is said to eliminate 10 evil defects within us.

Why pour milk on Shiva Lingam?

Performing Abhishekam (ritual bathing) to the Shivalingam with milk is believed to grant all pleasures and eliminate 100 evil defects within us.

How to use Coconuts in Lord Shiva Worship?

Two coconuts are mandatory during Lord Shiva worship. One for Abhisekam and the other is for offering. The coconut water used for abhishekam should not be offered for nivedanam and the water from a coconut that has already been offered cannot be used for abhishekam.

What are the benefits of consuming Shiva Abhisheka Teertham?

Sprinkling the anointed water (sanctified water) of Shiva on one's head equates to bathing in the sacred River Ganges. Consuming it is considered equivalent to donating 10,000 of the finest cows to Veda Brahmins, resulting in similar auspicious outcomes according to Shaiavagamasaram. Moreover, it is believed to absolve all sins and confer various forms of prosperity.

What substances should be offered for Nivedanam when worshipping the Shiva Lingam at home?

It is sufficient to offer anything to the Shiva Lingam at least once during the day. While many may consider offerings as food or Pancha Bhakshya Paramanna (a sumptuous lunch with five delicious items symbolizing eternal foods), even a simple offering like a leaf, a piece of jaggery, or just water to Lord Shiva is considered acceptable for Lord Shiva.

Can I skip Shivalingam Worship when Iam unavailable at home?

In the absence of anyone in the house, it is advisable to either immerse the Shiva Linga in water or completely cover it with Vibhuti. By following this practice, the merits of daily Shivaradhana are still obtained. It's important to note that this principle specifically applies to the Shiva Linga and not to the idol of Shiva.

What happens when Shiva lingam breaks at home?

The broken Shiva Lingam should be immersed in either the sea, a river, a pond of drinking water, or a well of drinking water after performing Pooja and Arathi at the shores of these places. This act not only absolves the fault of breaking the Shiva Linga but also accumulates merit through the immersion of the Linga.

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