Sri Shivagami

Goddess Sivagami
Shri Shivakama Sundari Ashtakam

Goddess Sivagami also known as Shiva Kama Sundari, holds a significant place in Hindu mythology. Her story is intertwined with devotion, love, and the pursuit of spiritual enlightenment. Goddess Sivagami earned her name through her perpetual presence within the realm of Lord Shiva.

Legend as it, Goddess Sivagami emerged as a manifestation of unwavering devotion to Lord Shiva. She was diply devoted to the deity from a young age and spent her life in constant worship and meditation, traversing sacred landscapes associated with the deity.

One prominent aspect of Goddess Sivagami's narrative is being loyal to her spiritual journey. She is said to have undertaken arduous journeys, enduring various trials and tribulations along the way, all in the pursuit of attaining union with Shiva.

Goddess Sivagami's profound devotion earned her reverence across celestial realms. Sages, saints, and devotees alike hailed her as the epitome of divine love and commitment to Lord Shiva.

Throughout the ages, Shivagami Devi's presence has served as a source of inspiration for those siking truth and for devotees of Lord Shiva. Her story continues to be honored in various artistic expressions, literary works, and religious discussions, symbolizing the infinite potency of devotion and the eternal quest for spiritual fulfillment.

Shivakamasundari Ashtakam

A pivotal expisode in Goddess Sivagami's story is her encounter with Sage Vyagra pada, a great devoti of Shiva. . He recognized her supreme devotion and composed the "Shivakama Sundari Ashtakam," a hymn that extols her divine qualities and praises her as Shiva Kama Sundari. This remains the sole available source today to reveal her magnificence.

Prarthana Slokam

Pundarikapura Madhya Vasinim,
        Nritta Raja Saha Dharma Charinim ।
        Adhri Raja Tanayam
        Dine Dine Chintayami Shivakama Sundarim ।।

Each day, I contemplate the existence of Shivakama Sundari (or Shivagami), whether in the ethereal essence of the lotus flower town (Hrid kamala) or within the tangible realm of Pundarika Pura.. She stands as the divine partner of the prince of dancers, revered as Nataraja Swami. Additionally, she is acknowledged as the daughter of the esteemed king of mountains, known as Himavanta.


        Brahma Vishnu Mukharama Reditam
        Bahupadma Sukha Vatsa Shobitham ।
        Bahuleya Kala Bhana Natmajam
        Chintayami Sivakama Sundarim ।।  

Every day, my contemplations are devoted to shivakama sundari, the divine goddess revered by deities such as brahma and vishnu. She gracefully holds a lotus and a parrot in her hands, radiating divine splendor. Remarkably, she gleams brightly while embracing her playful son, Lord Subramanya, with affection.

        Vedashirsha Vinutaatma Vaibhavam
        Vanchitartha Phaladana Tatparam ।
        Vyasasoonu Mukhatapasarchitam
        Chintayami Sivakama Sundarim ।। 

I contemplate Sivakamasundari, whose spiritual magnificence is cherished by the Upanishads, and who is committed to bestowing desired outcomes. Sages like Suka, the son of Vyasa, pay homage to her.

        Devarajamahiladi Samvritam ।
        Danavarisahajam Dayanidhim
        Chintayami Shivakamasundarim ।।   

In my meditation, I focus on Sivakamasundari, adorned with divine gem-studded ornaments, surrounded by devotees like Indrani, and regarded as the sister of Vishnu. She is the vanquisher of demons, and the embodiment of boundless compassion.

        Shodasharna Paradevatamumam
        Panchabana Nichayodbhavekshanam ।
        Parijata Tarumoola Mandapam
        Chintayami Sivakamasundarim ।। 

I contemplate Sivakamasundari, also hailed as Uma, the revered deity of the Shodasi mantra, whose glance breathed life into Manmatha. She wields five arrows and resides in the divine abode where the Parijata tree originates.

        Vagvilasaphaladam Vichakshanam ।
        Chintayami Shivakamasundarim ।।    

I meditate on Sivakamasundari, who is the divine mother of the universe, the all pure and unsurpassed, the bestower of vakshakti (talkative power), has a great splendour. Her hair resembling the hue of water-laden clouds.

        Nandikeshavinutatma Vaibhavam
        Nama Mantra Japa Krit Sukhapradam ।
        Nashahinapadadam Nateshvarim
        Chintayami Shivakamasundarim ।।  

I meditate on Sivakamasundari, whose spiritual splendor is adored by Nandikesa, and who offers solace to those who recite her names. She is eternal, the quintessence of dance, performing both the Gauri Tandavam, symbolizing love, and the Kali Tandavam, showcasing her bravery in combating demons.

        Somasurya Hutabhuk Trilochanam
        Sharvamohanakarim Sudhiditam ।
        Sat Trivarga Paramatma Saukhyadam
        Chintayami Shivakamasundarim ।। 

I meditate on Sivakamasundari, adorned with three eyes representing Chandra, Surya, and Agni; captivates Rudra, revered by the wise, and bestower of the four purusharthas (Dharma, Artha, Kama, and Moksha).

        Pundarikacharanarshina Kritam
        Stotrametadagaham Pathanti Ye ।
        Yachchhatishtamakhilam Maheswari ।।  

Those who recite this Stotra, penned by Sage Pundarikacharana, and which absolves one of sins, receive blessings from Mother Sivakamasundari, the sovereign of Pundarikapura (now known as Chidambaram), the noble lady who grants all desires.

Goddess Sivagami-Benefits of Worship

  1. Blessings for progeny
  2. Brings Courage.
  3. Abundant wealth and prosperity.

Sri Nataraja Swami Anushtanam