The five faces of Lord Shiva

Siddhaguru, for the benefit of the world, offered a new Sadhana to the seekers. This Sadhana is related to five faces of Lord Shiva,Shiva, Shakthi and Guru (Shirdi Sai) and gives a great relief to the seeker from nerve related issues. It is a four-step procedure.

1. Seeker to sit facing east (or any other direction he wishes for).

2. Chant ‘Om’ mantra for 3 times.

2. Press the five sides of the head with your hand by chanting -

3. Close your eyes on concentrate your mind on the places where you have pressed your right hand middle finger.

4. Perform meditation as per your convenience. Invest at least 30min of your time in a day.

5. Seeker has to chant the names of the above deities regarding the direction he wishes to sit for meditation.

6. Seekers who cannot observe meditation, have a fickle mind, who are suffering from severe neurotic problems, headache and severe stress are relieved with this practice.