Sri bilva-archana

Significance of Bel Patra
Lord Shiva's Worship

Shiva's affinity for Bel leaves, underscores its paramount significance in worship. Three Bel leaves / Bel Patra merge into one leave, known as the bel leave. Offering worship to Shiva with Bel leaves / Bel Patra is believed to effortlessly and swiftly grant boundless virtues and eight-fold prosperity, akin to a cascade of Shiva's blessings.

The importance of Bel leaves / Bel Patra in Shiva worship is multifaceted. Firstly, Sri Suktam suggests that the Bel Tree stems from the penance of Goddess Lakshmi, with Bel patra being considered an embodiment of Lakshmi Devi herself. This association with the goddess of wealth and prosperity adds profound sanctity to Bel leaves.

Furthermore, Bel leaves / Bel Patra is believed to perpetually house the divine presence of Goddess Lakshmi, while other deities such as Goddess Parvati and Kumara Swami or Murugan are linked with other elements. This deepens the reverence attached to Bel leaves / Bel Patra in Shiva worship.

Additionally, Bel leaves's sacredness is underscored by its resemblance to Lord Shiva's Trident and its symbolic representation of his three eyes. Storing Bel leaves / Bel Patra for extended periods is deemed faultless, and worshipping Shiva with these leaves is said to yield immense benefits, equivalent to the merit gained from thousands of Yagnas.

Cutting of Bel Leaves
(Strict guidelines)

Failure to adhere to these guidelines may result in adverse consequences, including spiritual repercussions such as 'Hell':

  1. Cutting bel patra on festival days is prohibited.

  2. It is inadvisable to cut bel patra during the Sankranthi period or at twilight.

  3. Bel patra should not be cut without having taken a shower.

  4. Cutting bel patra during menstruation is not permitted.

In essence, worshipping Shiva with Bel leaves / Bel Patra is believed to absolve sins, foster virtues, and attract prosperity. Hence, Devotees are encouraged to partake in this practice to seek blessings of Shiva and liberation from worldly afflictions.

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