(Ten points to know)

  1. Bhogi means preparation to experience divine. The preparation you make to experience that eternal happiness is Bhogi.
  2. You need to prepare on Bhogi to experience the bliss on the next day sankranti. After bhogi, we get sankranti, which means divine brilliance. The eternal brilliance, the shiva’s brilliance.
  3. We should pray to God and prepare to enjoy two types of happiness on Bhogi, the divine eternal happiness, and the worldly happiness.
  4. People wake up early in the morning and light fire on the day of Bhogi. The reason is, weather freezes during Uttarayana time, which generates bacteria.
  5. In ancient times, Maharshis used to light fire with a blended mixture of cow ghee, cow-dung cakes and medicinal herbs which generate oxygen and destroy bacteria. This is the secret of Bhogi fire.
  6. They worshipped deity Agni for destroying the karmas and invited the Uttarayana time to enjoy the bliss.
  7. You should pray to God to give strength to be at peace for the rest of your life and then light the fire.
  8. Offerings to Gomata during Bhogi and Sankranti destroy evil spirits in our abode. As it looks at the house, the evil spirits leave your abode.
  9. We also draw diagrams with rice flour (Muggu) during sankranti at our doorway keeping shiva lingam prepared with cow dung in the centre, which also destroys bacteria.
  10. Light the fire praying god to be happy, leaving all the evil happenings occurred before bhogi. This destroys all the sins and gives you an opportunity of absorption with the divine from Sankranti.