Ganesha Suktam

This Suktam describes Lord Shiva as appellation Lord Ganesh flowing his grace on every being of Universe. In Rig Veda 8th Mandala, 88 Sukta we have 9 hymns. The authoritative deity for these verses is INDRA. Here Indra refers to the God of 8 prosperities. This is the reference for Ganesh Navaratri. Ancient poets misinterpreted the meaning of these Mantras and created a form for Lord Ganesh using these verses.

In Rigveda, 2nd mandala, 23rd Sukta, 1 mantra, 10th mandala, 112 Sukta, 9, 10th mantra says about Lord Ganesh.In Yajurveda, 23rd Chapter, 19th Hymn says about Lord Ganesh. Siddhaguru with his enlightened knowledge discoursed these 13 Mantras prescribed in Vedas about Lord Ganesh the appellation of Lord Shiva-The Brahman.