Arunachala Aksharamanamala

Bhagavan Sri Ramana Maharshi is the incarnation of Lord Subrahmanya Swami. He realized his self at 16 under the divine feet of Arunachala. His message to the world is self-enquiry, “who am I?.” He unfolded the eternal truth to all the seekers across the globe and to those who approached him to have a glimpse.

Arunachala Aksharamanamala is a fanciful creation by Ramana Maharshi. When devotees asked him to compose a tune to contemplate Lord Arunachala, a prayer came out of his heart during Giri Pradakshina. The appellation of this prayer is Arunachala Akshramanamala. This is a garland of letters with reverence and love to Arunachala. It is a composition of 108 couple verses.

In the concept of Bridal mysticism, a devotee pay homage in the form of Love on God. Ramana Maharshi experienced the oneness of Love with Arunachala. In Arunachala Aksharamanamala, “Manamala” means the wedding garland, a garland that signify the marriage with Lord Arunachala. This composition is a mystical conversation between Ramana Maharshi and the Lord.

The heart of Siddhagurus (or its synonyms) is known only to another Siddhaguru. Only he can reveal the real meaning of their writings. Siddhaguru Sri Ramanananda maharishi transpired the real meaning of Arunachala Aksharamanamala in simple linguistics to seekers across the globe. The real secrets of Ramana Maharshi’s devotion on Arunachala Shiva are revealed in these discourses.