What is Shiv Lingam? How to worship shiva lingam at home?

What is Shiv Lingam? How to worship shiva lingam at home?

  • There are two mystic syllables in the word ‘Lingam’. One seed letter is ‘Lim’ and other is ‘Gam’. Unmanifested ,invisible god is called "Lim". Symbol of manifestation is "Gam"
  • Shiv Lingam means “MANIFESTED SYMBOL OF SHIVA”
  • The manifested symbol of unified Shiva & Shakthi as single entity is Shiv Lingam.

Parts of Shiv Lingam :

1. Lingam : Lingam the upper part is indicative of Parabrahman.

2. Peethika, also called Vedika (stage), Panapattam. Peethika the lower part of Shiv Ling is indicative of Parashakthi.

The Sattva, Rajas, Tamo Gunas are generated from Shiv ling and again dissolve into it. Shiv ling which does not have beginning and ending, is the cause of the Universe.

How to worship shiva lingam at home?

  • No Shastra said Nitya (everyday worship) Pooja should be done to SHIVA. These are all creations of ignorants. So, SHIVA Linga can be kept in the house and can be worshiped according to one’s capacity.
  • The ordinary size of the SHIVA Lingam is 1 to 5 inches, medium is 6 to 10 inches, 11 inches to 15 inches is of highest order.
  • SHIVA Lingam taken from the hands of a Siddha Guru (Enlightened master) with his divine blessings and with devotion is of highest order.. The fruits accrued are 1000-crore times than in Normal course. Lingam taken from the hands of enlightened masters makes your Pooja Mandir , the inner sanctum of temple.
  • When nobody is there in the house, the SHIVA Lingam should be immersed in water or covered totally with Vibhuti. By doing this, the benefit of daily Shivaradhana would accrue. This principle applies to SHIVA Linga only and not to the Idol of Shiva.
  • If the Ling in the house is broken by mistake, that should be immersed either in the sea, or in the river or in a pond of drinking water or in a well of drinking water after offering pooja & harathi at the shores of those places. By doing so, the fault of breaking of SHIVA Linga will be wiped out and the virtue out of immersion of SHIVA Linga is accrued.
  • Lord Shiva is fond of your love and devotion. He will not see your customs and traditions. Lord Shiva is fond of Bilva leaves.