Shirdi Sai Shatabdi Aradhana Guru Mahaseva

It’s been 102 years that Shirdi Sai Baba left his body but still living in the hearts of his devotees as the supreme spirit by fulfilling their desires from his Samadhi. Siddhaguru Sri Ramanananda Maharshi celebrated “Shirdi Sai Shatabdi Aradhana Guru Mahaseva” -the centenary celebrations of Shirdi Sai from 30th September 2017-19th October 2018 Ramaneswaram. The programme began with Consecration of Gold Shiva lingam followed by every day meditation, discourses, and many more here at Ramaneswaram.

Shirdi Sai Baba promised “You look to me. I look to you.” Siddhaguru as a bow looked at the divine feet of Shirdi Saibaba with divine love, conceived and entered upon to celebrate Shirdi Sai Shatabdi Aradhana Guru Mahaseva from 2017 September 30 till 2018 October 18. As he looked at Baba, Baba looked at him and flown infinite grace in form of feeling HIS presence. Even days could have felt pleased for Siddhaguru’s and his devotees love on Baba. The programme ended on 2018 October 19 with siddhaguru consecrating Triambak Sai and 100 Veda Shiva lingas.