Devi Kalottaram

The knowledge of the supreme spirit is not ordinary. The real sacred learning is impossible to acquire through Shastras, listening to spiritual expositions by preachers. The theology can only be elucidated by gurus who attain austerity in self-realization.

Goddess Parvathi had a few queries about the esoteric knowledge and wanted to clarify with Lord Shankar. This spiritual dialogue between Goddess Parvathi and Lord Shankar is renowned as Devi Kalottaram.

Bhagavan Sri Ramana Maharshi had a profound knowledge of the Supreme Spirit. Ramana Maharshi used to cast an eye over many philosophical books. He used to tell his disciples to recite few books. One of those was Devi Kalottaram. Devi Kalottaram is the book of supreme Knowledge. Each verse of Devi Kalottaram reveals the secret of the god of highest authority.

Siddhaguru, during Devi Navaratri festival, discoursed on Devi Kalottaram to spiritual seekers in artless words to perceive and reach the ultimate destination.