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Pray the Almighty within

A day long upavasa with night long upasana from 2024 March 8th 6 AM to 2024 March 9th (6 AM).

Maha Shivaratri- Upasana

Maha Shivaratri, the "Great Night of Shiva," is observed on the 14th day (Bahula Chaturdashi) of the dark fortnight in the month of Phalguna which falls on 8th March 2024. This day is dedicated for introspection, prayer, and devotion to Lord Shiva.

Siddhaguru Sri Ramanananda Maharshi is organising 11 Upasanas on this day for devotees who seek to attain divine blessings, forgiveness of sins, fulfillmet of desires, karmic destructions and liberation (moksham).

Shivanugrahena Gnana Praptihi


Shiva is a deity with an unchanging, infinite, and formless essence that underlies and unifies the entire universe and is beyond all attributes, forms, and limitations. Lord Shiva, as a deity, is commonly associated with both form and formlessness. Devotees seek to realize their oneness with this formless reality, recognizing it as the true nature of self (Atman)
and the entire cosmos.

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Click on "Participate" mentioned above or call our Toll Free Number: 18001022393 for registration of the event. After registration from website call our Toll free Number and inform the transaction details.

Please Call our Toll Free Number: 18001022393 for registration of the event through overseas account.

You can make a general donation for annadanam. Please note that this donation cannot be used for the event or anyother purposes associated with Ramaneswaram.

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Once you have donated the amount and informed all the requisite details to our Toll Free number, you will receive a receipt to your registered whatsapp number.

  1. Women during periods are not allowed to attend the event.
  2. Devotees who perfomed last rites and post death rituals cannot attend orparticipate the event for 1 year. Their family cannot participate or attend the event for one month.

Please call our Toll Free number: 18001022393 for more information.

Conventional Indian clothing is highly recommended. Please adhere to the traditional style of clothing while in the temple, as a sign of respect for our Indian culture.

Ramaneswaram is a safe pilgrimage site with security personnel available 24/7. Whilst, given the scope of this event we advise you to be especially cautious with your possessions. Kindly avoid from bringing any expensive electrical devices, jewellery, or valuables. Please keep your baggage locked for further security carrying a lock and key to protect your valuables.

Yes. entry ticket is charged for visitors entering Ramaneswaram on Mahashivratri.

Yes. Parking Fee is charged for vehicles. If you wish to voluntarily offer your vehicle to support for event preparations, you can do so as well.

Please call our Toll Free number: 18001022393 and provide the requisite information.