What we help with what we have is what we contribute for others living

- Siddhaguru

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Your contribution is valued!: To offer something to the world, hoping nothing in return, requires sacrifice. Siddhagurus sacrifice everything for the benefit of the world. They always invest time for good of the world. Their offerings to reach every corner of the world require a helping hand. For the book “Siddhaguru Sri Ramanananda Maharshi Parishkrita Chaturveda Samhita”, a great offerng, too, requires a monetary contributor to make this book reach every corner of this world. A monetary contributor is worth a writer as he/she becomes the medium to reveal the knowledge of the lord prescribed in Vedas. Contribution categories: Contributors who fall into these categories are specially blessed. Their names are mentioned in the book, which is an unmatched reward and blessing from Siddhaguru. 1. Visesha Visishta Yagna Nirvahaks. 2. Visesha Yagna Nirvahaks 3. Visishta Yagna Nirvahaks For inquiry Contact - 18001022393

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